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About Baskow Talent

Baskow Talent is acclaimed as one of the top Celebrity/Talent brokers & Producers for TV in the world. 

Baskow Talent provides spokespeople, Direct Response Talent, Models, voice-over talent, Indian Gaming, Casino, & Corporate entertainment, casino special events, charity events, top name celebrities, movies & tv shows, as well as talent and TV production world-wide – and has for 35 years!

Long recognized as one of the most influential women in the Entertainment business.

Jaki has booked hundreds of International events and shows and cast 1000's of motion pictures, television shows & commercials. Jaki has been honored many times by the National business community, let Jaki’s unparrelled connections and buying power work for you.

Jaki Baskow founded Baskow Talent originally casting movies & TV shows as well as The Las Vegas Speakers Bureau.

Jaki BAskow Bio

Jaki Baskow

Jaki Baskow: Believes in Making Dreams Come True

In the glittery, razzle-dazzle world of entertainment, qualities like cutting-edge innovation, consistency, and dependability are the key to longevity. No one knows that better than Jaki Baskow, the CEO and founder of Baskow Talent, who in 2011 celebrates 35 years as one of the Top 10 star and talent brokers in the world.
For nearly 30 years Jaki has brokered deals with RAI, the Italian television network that hosts the Telegato Awards, Italy’s equivalent to the Oscars, bringing stars like Andy Garcia, Kevin Costner, Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro, Sharon Stone, Tom Selleck and Dustin Hoffman to Rome. Jaki has also booked talent like Jennifer Lopez for the San Remo Music Festival and Mike Tyson for Italy’s Dancing with the Stars.

Because of the volume of business she does, Jaki is able to bring her buying power to the table when booking A-list entertainers for corporate events. Recently she negotiated a contract for a two-night corporate event with country music’s Grammy Award winning Keith Urban.

Jaki books so many keynote speakers for her clients in the areas of business, entertainment, health, fitness, sports, and motivation that she started The Las Vegas Speakers Bureau.

She has cast 1000's of movies, music videos and television shows, as well as national and international commercials and direct-response infomercials including the one for the Miracle Ear campaign with Patrick Duffy. Jaki also cast the voiceovers for the Kardashian skin line, and conceived the idea and put together the players for Suzanne Somers pajama line. 

Jaki makes sure that she and her team at Baskow Talent provide personalized service, attention to detail and great follow-through.

No matter how big the budget or how small the need, Jaki makes sure all her clients receive the star treatment.
It doesn’t matter if a client is looking for a single harpist or a full orchestra, a local comic or the famous Jay Leno, a slight-of-hand magician or the biggest illusionist David Copperfield, a MC or a big-name actor, Jaki likes to exceed her clients’ expectations and transform their vision from the ordinary into the extraordinary, and from the extraordinary into the spectacular.

It is that philosophy of going above and beyond, that has helped make her business so successful. 

That’s quite an accomplishment for a young girl who left New Jersey in 1976 and came to Las Vegas with big dreams, a lot of determination, and only $300 in her pocket. Jaki built a multi-million-dollar company and now works with many Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, AT&T, Anheuser Busch, Canon USA, IBM Golden Circle, Longines Swiss Watchmakers, Lucent Technologies, Miller Brewing Company, Nike, Schmidt Beer, and Texas Instruments.

Over the years Jaki has received countless awards. “The SBA named her “Small Business Owner of the Year", the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce named her “Woman of the Year,” In Business Magazine named her 2008’s “Most Influential Woman in Business,” and on numerous occasions Special Events Magazine has named Baskow Talent one of the top 25 management companies in the world.

Jaki has been written up in numerous meeting magazines and publications like Enterprising Women, and Bel Air Magazine, where she was featured as the Queen of Las Vegas.

Jaki’s life is hectic, fast-paced and demanding, but she always makes time to do what is most important to her – giving back and making a difference in the lives of those people who are less fortunate. Her philanthropic efforts have earned her a reputation as one of the people in Las Vegas with the biggest heart.

She hosts “Oscar Night” to benefit the Arthritis Foundation; she spends time procuring big name entertainers who are willing to donate their time for a fundraiser that Canon USA puts on every year, hosted by John Walsh that benefits the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Jaki puts together team-building events for her corporate clients while they are in Las Vegas that benefits local charities like the Shade Tree Shelter for abused women and children, the Boys and Girls Club, Opportunity Village which serves people with intellectual disabilities, and Make a Wish Foundation for Children with life-threatening diseases. She encourages her contacts at the hotels and local restaurants to donate food to Street Teens, an organization that helps homeless children.

Jaki’s life is fascinating, complex, and fulfilling. It is filled with so many daily adventures that a television show is currently in development about her life. How fitting that Jaki’s favorite quote is “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” by Eleanor Roosevelt because Jaki has not only worked hard to make her own dreams come true, but she continually helps others achieve theirs.

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