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Baskow has been instrumental in producing content and on location tv shows for over 35 yrs. Recently we have produced the wrap-arounds for High Stakes Poker for the Game Show Network, we have produced numerous shows for Italian TV, and have been instrumental in setting up locations and crews and permits ,talent, and situations for movie and tv crews both domestically and internationally. In addition to production, we have assisted production companies in hiring crews/locations/talent/seat fillers/extras/celebrites/principals & more!

Baskow has worked with some of the following clients providing talent or production services

Jaki Baskow

Below are some of the Shows/Spots Baskow has Produced

  • Degregorio twins /Vegas Twins (Shopping Agreement)
  • Bud United Presents: The Big Time (casting)
  • MMA Girls in Vegas (Shopping Agreement) Nan Fisher Products
  • Game Show Network (produced high stakes poker wrap around, handled locations & talent in Las Vegas with Marty Corwin/Paul Remo)
  • (jamie klein)
  • Italian TV (produced numerous shows 18 yrs) Rai/Mediaset/Mike Bonjourno show
  • Produced 13 shows on location for Mike bonjourno all over the country
  • Reality shows:
    • Sizzle reels (Shopping Agreement)
    • Sin city sisters (Shopping Agreement)
    • Viva las vegas (Shopping Agreement)
    • Shape up America (Shopping Agreement)
    • Dan Lier/Mike Lindstrom (Shopping Agreement)

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